Sunday, 19 November 2017

WW/MM. When should we be adding to our Book of Shadows / Grimoire etc. P5/5

Bringing this lil mini 5 part series of how to get started in your Book of Shadows / Grimoire etc.. to a close; I thought I'd share my view on when to write in your books..!  Now this somewhat varying and very much down to the individual for the most part..  However I thought I would bring some more thoughts for you to mull over.

So let's start with the most obvious which is that you're going to do it whenever you damn well feel like it..  However you feel like it..  Wherever.. 

But for some people they see this is more of a sacred act!  The art of transforming knowledge into words.  As words carry so much power which can later be transformed into knowledge again.  This book regardless of what book you're using/creating it is most likely to be your most sacred tool and therefore you may wish to take some of the following into consideration..

Adding to your book in some ways can be a working/ritual/magickal act all on its own and for some you might want to literally treat it that way.  Setting up a magickal space, candles.. incense.. Perhaps even casting a circle or working under a specific moon phase.  But why not have a special cleansing bath/shower remove all those negative energies, smudge the space or light incense perhaps even make some incense that is special to your time in which you imbue your knowledge into your book.  Why not create a special ritual or working for doing so.  Why not make this a magickal and special experience?

As said some like to work under moon phases such as waxing (from new moon to full moon) gaining power, building strength, bringing positive vibrations, increasing the working which may be good if you're wanting to add positive, gaining or growing spells, rituals or other workings to your book.  Alternatively if you're adding something like a remove negative energy spell, banish evil spirits or remove bad karma you may wish to add these to your book during a waning moon (from full to new) as power fades, bad energies go away, get rid of the bad..  New moon for new creations, beginnings etc..  Full moon for most powerful like protection, blessings etc..  But more about moons in a blog soon.  For now simply remember this as 'wax on, wane off' (increasing and decreasing). 

For others it might not matter so much the moon phase as it does the season, elements, zodiac, planetary alignments and retrograde etc.

Some may choose early morning fresh and well rested having had time to sleep upon their thoughts to then chronicle their words.  While others like myself may be night creatures and choose to fill our books with our knowledge and power while in the moment, pages dominantly light by candlelight while under the glow of the moon.

For others it may be as soon as a spell or working comes to pass, while fresh in mind, and is proven to work.  A favorite new recipe is created.  A new subject is learnt.  An experienced was had.  A change to an old working.

For some this is more of a working journal constantly being added to any time or when required.

For others they may have a special time/hour or day of the week, month, season or holiday in which to imbue their new knowledge and workings into their sacred books.

None of this is right nor wrong it is your path and just like the rest of your book and your journey it is completely upto you what you do, how you do it, when you do it etc..

I just thought I would put some ideas out there, some which you may not have otherwise considered.  I know some people don't see their books as such sacred magickal tools.. And for others the concept hadn't even crossed their minds..!  

I hope this little series has given you some inspiration and ideas.  I've been asked by a the founder of a lil group I'm rather active in if I will do a BoS prompts every Sunday..  So I'm hoping if this pans out then I will be posting these here every Sunday as well as exclusive stuff within the group.

Good luck.  - I'd love to see what you do!  And feel free to follow me and my progress on Instagram

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