Monday, 13 November 2017

WW. Food for thought - Feed your familiar(s)..!

Do you feed your familiar(s) after you finish your magickal/spiritual working?

Earlier I was talking to a friend about how once I've finished my magickal/spiritual working one of the things I like to do is grounding by getting something to eat...  And I also feed my familiar/cats (I have two cats but only one is a familiar).  My friend found this to be a wonderful concept as apparently it's not something you hear of!  Yet why wouldn't you?  It really does make sense!  - So I thought I'd touch base on that here in a blog.

So extremely briefly a familiar is often a pet/animal that chooses you, typically this pet/animal will lend you its energies to aid you  in your workings among other things.  - Please feel free to go read up about familiars.. The return here to continue reading!

For me, as said, I have two cats but only one of them is a familiar.  How do I know?  - I have one cat that doesn't want to be touched, spoke to, loved, stroked, played with or does much of anything except sleep, eat and toilet.  And I have another which is absolutely into everything, needs to constantly be on, near or with me; especially when I'm being creative or doing something magickal..  Often when I'm doing a ritual, study, divination, or other working he will be sat on/near me watching intently or sleeping/medatating..  He is also very in tune with my emotions and indeed has literally saved my life but that's another story, probably not for here!

So my point..  Once you finish your working.. And you've used up your energies.. Your familiars energies.. And you go get a snack..  Feel free to go look up more on why you would do that and how it helps to ground and restore some of those energies..  Take into consideration why it's a good idea to get a snack for your familiar too!! 

- For me I get these cat treats here in the UK called Crispies by the brand Felix.  They're salmon and trout flavoured, which my cats love!!  Plus these treats are extra magickal (in my opinion) as they come in moon and stars shapes!!  How magickal right?

Anyways.. Just some quick.. Er..  Food for thought...... 😂 Pun not intended but.. Lol! Hehe!! 

Imogen xo

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