Wednesday, 15 November 2017

WW/MM. Finding your Book of Shadows / Grimoire etc. P1/5

So I thought I would do a short brief intro.  Over the next 5 days I will be doing a short introduction to starting a BoS / Grimoire or other Pagan / Witchy book.

First of all I just quickly want to say that my goal here isn't to dictate how something SHOULD be - I'm just throwing out some ideas..  Second I hope I am not treading on anyone's toes..  Seems a lot of people have deemed this month the month of starting over with their books..  Almost like a early dark night hobby especially my fellow UK friends.

I'd like to kick start this lil series by saying that while all these big beautiful books that somewhat resemble that of Charmed, Practical Magic or some other well known TV show/film book looks amazing its not necessary nor ironically is it practical.  Your book should reflect you and can be a simple notebook, a small diary, a ring bound folder or binder, a sketchbook, Evernote, PC word document, a folder on your Mac, a bible journal, a Filofax or a number of these it doesn't even have to be just one!!  I know I have a lot of working notebooks and Evernote, a blog and folders on my desktop PC and I'm now looking at moving into a Bible Journal..!!

Perhaps when picking your space you might want to consider "Do I need to take this anywhere/carry it around?" "How much do I want to put into this?" "Can the contents easily be transferred at a later date?" "I am left handed would the rings be in the way?" "Do I want to add more pages at a later date?" "Do I want to be able to print things and add them to my book?" "What size writing do I have? - You get the idea..  Size may actually matter in this instance!!  

For me I initially printed everything and put it in a binder, then my printer broke and I couldn't afford another so just used my PC and then I was introduced to Evernote which is available across phones, tablets, pcs, web browsers and more..  Which is perfect for me..!  But now I want something more traditional, something I can write in and is still portable but that I can draw in or be creative..

After size you might want to think about paper: type, grade (thickness), colour, texture, quality, type, material.. "Will my favourite pen bleed/skip/ghost badly on this type of paper?" 

And then onto things like mediums..  Do you want a scrapbook? Journal/diary? All text or include pictures or items..  Will you be drawing, painting, colouring, inking etc etc.  Adding mixed media, collage, 3D item like pressed flowers or found objects, photos or journaling cards, will you be stamping, using stencils, paper punched pieces etc..

Bookbinding: sewn signatures, post bound, ring bound, loose leaf etc..  

I think that is enough for now..  Throwing you into a lot of thought there on what you may wish your book to be.  Remember you can always alter the cover..  There's some amazing altered books, binders and even handmade ones too on YouTube.

Once you choose your book you might want to cleans, concentrate and bless..  You might want to sleep with it under your pillow, give it a dedication ritual (or perhaps this is something you do while writing a dedication or blessing etc in the book!) do whatever it is you need to do to give this book its purpose, make it your own and have it serve you.

Make the book personalised by as mentioned altering the cover perhaps add ribbon bookmarks, a charm, some beads, pockets, a closure, a pen loop and dedicated special pen, ink up the pages, stain the pages, distress the pages, paint the edges of the book... Oh the possibility to customise and make this book yours...

So your book is ready and now you're sat looking at a blank page scared to touch pen to paper encase you mess up?  Well fear not for tomorrow I'm going to tell you how to break that fear or at least what I did..

Good luck.  - I'd love to see what you do!  And feel free to follow me and my progress on Instagram

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