Friday, 3 November 2017

PP / MM. 20 Stencils :)

Hello lovelies,

I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts and also process ideas behind my new BoS / Grimoire as mentioned in my last blog post (here#NaNoWriMo & #NaNoBOSMo .

I was putting together some concept ideas for things I want to add to my book..  And making a pinterest board (here) when I got the idea about not just drawing but also using stamps and even stencils to create layouts in my book..! I know I recently saw someone who was using a scroll banner stencil to create some headings in a BuJo (Bullet Journal) and so I set off to (a lot like - China cheap products) to look for stencils..

I stumbled upon a listing for a Set A 1-10 and a Set B 11-20 stencils at just £7.23 each! (Though since buying them last night they've gone up to £7.36 with £1.07 P&P a set!)

Which will be fantastic for my Planner stuff ( ) and also for my BoS ( ) and more.

Imogen xo

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