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*WW / MM. Vesta Powder - All about it.. + my recipe!

Vesta Powder

Named so and used in honour and in the name of the Roman goddess Vesta.

What is Vesta Powder? 

Also Known as Flash Powder / Chasing Powder.  Vesta Powder is an extremely flammable white powder.  Vesta Powder is very powerful so use it carefully and sparingly as a little goes a long way.  Saltpetre (aka salitre or potassium nitrate) is the active spark in Vesta Powder. Be sure you have plenty of ventilation and use with fire safety caution.  Vesta Powder is to be stored in a cool, dry and safe place away from heat.  Also keep away from children and animals. Note its toxic try not to touch / have skin contact..

How is Vesta Powder made?  

Version 1. Equal parts saltpetre & cornmeal Powder.
Version 2. Equal parts saltpetre & cornstarch Powder.
Version 3. Equal parts saltpetre & Powdered sugar (icing sugar).

{Anyway you start your magickal makings such as casting circle, invoking spiritual / divine aids, blessings, infusing your energy and intent etc.. before, during and after is down to how you work/practice.} 

In a clean glass container add equal parts of one of the above recipes (*eg. 1 teaspoon of both ingredients).  Mix well together using a clean tool such as herb spoon.  Use only a tiny pinch in flame-retardant pot such as cast iron cauldron.  Add more saltpetre if required but never more than half a part (*eg. Half of a teaspoon).

In my experience:

I purchase 100g Saltpetre from ebay uk seller tongmaster-seasonings for £2.99 and also 100g Cornmeal from seller htl1112 for £1.99 -  I have found 1.5 parts saltpetre to 1 part cornmeal works perfectly.  Mixed in a crystal, glass or metal bowl with smooth insides until the two parts form one non lumpy fine powder.  A small practice dedicated spoon or spatula to mix. And a clearly labelled jar to store.

How to use Vesta Powder?  

Burn it!  Always use fire safety and a long stick.  The Vesta Powder will explode with a quick flame and a fog of smoke fumes will quickly dispel any bad vibrations, spirits or evil influences. You can use charcoal tablets and a charcoal burner (cauldron).  Smaller amounts can be used to seal spells at the end of fire magick / cauldron spells.  Vesta Powder can be used to gain spiritual strength; place less than 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of Vesta Powder in an incense burner or metal ash tray and light with a long match. 

What is Vesta Powder used for? 

·       Fire magick.
·       Used by burning to dispel evil, negativity, bad energies and bad vibrations...  
·       It can be burnt to clear the house of bad spirits / entities.  
·       Can be used to stop sexual frustrations or sexual tension.
·       Used as a sachet it is said to help present the illusion of the wearer`s youthfulness purity and innocence.  (flammable so I wouldn’t)
·       Sprinkle around the room prior to ritual to entice the flame of brightness. (flammable so I wouldn’t)
·       Used like dragons blood resin to empower things and give that additional energy kick.
·       As an incense to gain spiritual strength
·       Invoking / Working with Goddess Vesta
·       Invoking / Working with Goddess Hestia

Vesta Powder is used to honour and/invoke the goddess Vesta.  In magick you can ask her to aid you in your fire workings, though much more powerful if your working is to do with the hearth, home of family.  Vesta powered can be used without call for the goddess as an energy spark to increase the energy put out by your working or to seal your workings.


Vesta: The Roman religion believed Vesta is the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family.  She was rarely depicted in human form, and was often personified by the fire of her temple in the Forum Romanum.  It was said that only her priestesses (the Vestals) were permitted into her temple and it was they who tended to the ‘sacred flame’ at the hearth of her temple.  In Roman times the people worshiped the goddess Vesta; in fact they considered her a guardian.  Each year one of the most important Roman festivals, Vestalia, was held between 7th – 5th June in her honour and the sacred flame of which she manifested herself.  It was rare she was seen in human form but most often in flame – this is also how she would also come to those in need of her aid especially with pregnancy. She was the daughter of Saturn and Ops, and sister of Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, and Ceres. Her closest Greek equivalent is Hestia. 

Hestia: – In Ancient Greek religion Hestia was also known as the virgin goddess of the hearth, home and family as well as architecture.  In Greek mythology she is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea.  It was said that Hestia would receive the first offering at every sacrifice in the household.

BB Imogen 

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