Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Personal: Experience & first thoughts 'Spirit Dice'

Spirit Dice
(possibly also known as ghost dice)
Blog Part 1 of 1 thus far.

So spirit letter / alphabet dice.   I stumbled upon the concept a few weeks back via this video here..

Video by jessica rey

Have your questions wrote down ..and then basically you setup your working space and invoke benevolent spirits to aid you in revealing their knowledge within their limit..  Ask your question(s) roll the letter dice for each over a marked out area like a square / altar cloth / book / drawn circle etc. and cypher out a response based on your question and the displayed dice results.

I looked online and set of spirit dice are insane money, plus shipping to UK.  There seem to be 12, 13, 15, 16, 24 or even 36 dice to a set and some people use multiple sets at once.  For a few £GBP I picked up some smallish wooden blocks on ebay as I thought about making my own but couldn't find a definite way of what letters to put on what wooden cube..  

So I decided if it's good enough for boggle.. And bought a boggle set... 😂 - It arrived and I did some consecration work, blessing, intent and anointing etc etc.  - I'd previously spent a week pawing over writing my own calling invoking and release casting..  

The first time I worked with the dice gave me some food for thought on both the answers and if this really works..  All I can find on this says to interpret what lands inside..  So that's what I did...  Then tonight (3am 8th August 2017) under the full moon I decided to take it a step further.  I have a skull head candle holder (candle goes inside) and I felt like using that as the face of divine / spirit..  Which felt right and so much of a stronger connection looking into Horhay's eyes while asking my questions.  - previously before he was an ornament on my altar representative of the deceased / ancestors and now he has a function.  Plus my dice, cloth and bag fit inside the skull - win.  

Anyways..  Now while I feel I need a lot more work doing before I'm ready to blog about this properly.  I thought I'd put this out there for you lovelies to think I'm bat sh!t cr@zy..!!

So the concept works a lot like boggle (finding words in the up facing letters) but can include abbreviations, acronyms, etc so...  At first I was just reading inside the cloth until I realised that outside tends to hold more specific answers, sometimes.  - You don't have to use all the letters provided but sometimes letters obviously grouped together suggest or spell out an answer.  Interpret but use your intuition and try not to overreach.

I have decided to share my experience thus far!

Day 1 of 2
1.Who is my soul mate (in) THEE MAOC [my bf is Mark]
2. Is Mark the one? (in) Q LOV RE KUJ [love / lover?]
3. Has or is Mark cheating? (out) NO
4. Am I paranoid about Mark? (in) SAME  X
5. What to look for in my relationship? (in) Y YO CSI
6. What to look for in my life? (in) LIMIT  IMG
7. Am I on the right path? (in) SOUND YT GHH

Bonus 8. Before I go do you have any further messages? WHO IS FRRHS

Day 2 of 2
1. What is going on with me? (in & stacked ontop of each other) YT  [ - youtube? I've just started bringing my witchy stuff to my YouTube channel. ]  DKAUYHMET  YT
2. When shuffling my Oracle deck yesterday a card jumped out at me this card was "hand of fate - forces beyond your control intervene" do you know what this means? (in) U U U Y R S S    V
3. What is going on with Mark? (out) TOY [Mark owns his own toy and collectables business and just launch of his new site!!]
 {It was at this point I realised maybe it's not just what is inside..}
4. Do you like this communication? (out) NO HIDY
5. Under the full moon do you have any messages? (out) N
6. What study path should I take? (out) BETTER E
7. How can I improve this communication? (out) ROOR IOU

[Feeling a lil spooked I asked permission and wrote some more questions..]

8. Do I read outside the square? (in) YET GAY Q (out) TO THE HOAXS KASH X
9. Do I read inside the square? (in) YAA O DARE FIX UM (out) NE U
10. Do I read both in and out? (out) OR
11. Do you not like this communication? (out) YA NP
12. Why do you feel that? (in) LOTS NEW
13. Are you always the same spirit that visits? (in) CED SARAH OVER (out) SHT MN
14. Is my grandparents here? (out) PO TE LE (portel?)
15. Is my sister Wendy ok? (out) O SES U

I thank after each answer, again before and during my close and departure.

Anyone wish to take a shot in the dark as to why I'm feeling extremely emotional?  But on another note.  My headache started during my first session and has lasted 4 days and I noticed it's now gone during this session!!

I'd love to say I'm making it all up, and I was somewhat skeptical..  But when answered that relate and are extremely relevant and spelt out in black and white....  Eek.

Anyone wanna talk? Opinion? Thoughts?

BB Imogen xo

(Ps. My relationships and personal issues I don't wish to discuss).

The full moon at 3am over Blackpool England Xx

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