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WW. Hedge Witch - What is one?

What is a "Hedge Witch"?

Hedge Witches.

The name 'Hedge Witch' originates from many many many moons ago when villages were separated by the forests.  The edge of these forests, where they met the village, were known a hedge.  You would often find, in most villages, a herbal practitioner who lived in or near the edge of the forest.  - These practitioners of herbal and/or spiritual practice who lived near the hedge became known as Hedge Witches or a Hedge Witch.

Today's Hedge Witch doesn't necessarily live in or even anywhere near a forest, or Village for that matter.  The term still is used based on the practice, though they do still tend to have a great relationship with nature.  Also most commonly known for always having a remedy, lotion, potion, brew or something for every occurring aliment or requirement.

A Hedge Witch is also known for not only herbal practice for medicinal and spiritual purposes but also for having an understanding of nature and is often seen encouraging spiders, wasps and other unwanted bug killers as a natural way to tend to their plants.

A Hedge Witch is a witch who practices a very eclectic path and is the one you would seek if say you were unable to see a Doctor or Dentist for example.  A Hedge Witch has many herbal remedies in his/her cupboard for many an ailment. For they know many medicinal and spiritual properties of many plants and how they can aid and treat many different symptoms.  This knowledge would usually be passed down through generations and each Hedge Witch takes pride in developing their knowledge and these skills through further reading and practice.

That said a Hedge Witch is a solitary practitioner.  She/He doesn't belong to a coven or follow any organised religion.  But she/he does follow their own craft and is very much a free spirit.  Their knowledge, as mentioned, usually handed down to them by their family.  Though intially through word of mouth and practice.  To this day no two Hedge Witches are alike in fact it is said that you can ask a dozen Hedge Witches what they think a Hedge Witch is like and each of them could come up with a dozen different answers themselves!!  That said while they follow the same general rules, ie properties and uses for various herbs and practice, they each follow their own unique paths.

Not all Hedge Witches follow Deity.  Though most do have just a general belief in The God and Goddess as in Nature.

Hedge witches are also known as shamans, charmers, healers, and, priest/esses, Rea Beth coined a great term Hedge Mystic. A person who studies and practices the Great Mysteries of Nature.

BB - Imogen 

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