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BoS Prompt 21: Magickal Housekeeping and Everyday Practical Magick.

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Prompt 21. Sunday 22nd April 2018 - The 21st prompt will be..  
Magickal Housekeeping and Everyday Practical Magick.


- For the sake of this blog post when I say “ornaments” I live in England I believe in America ornaments are what you put on trees?  I am referring to decorative items, figurines, statues and similar display pieces and home decor. 

- Also note I am putting all resource materials in BLUE for your easy finding later - you're welcome!

Magickal Housekeeping and Everyday Practical Magick.

If you have read my previous blog posts you’ll know I’ve been studying and practicing a Pagan (Wicca / Eclectic Wicca) path alongside witchcraft for many many years, even before I knew that I was..  During this path and study I’ve collected and read a number of amazing books including: 
  • “A Charmed Life – How to Make Your Life More Magical” By Teresa Moorey.
  • “THE MAGICKAL HOUSEHOULD – SPELLS & RITUALS FOR THE HOME” By Scott Cunningham & David Harrington.
  • “MAGICAL HOUSEKEEPING – Simple Charms & Practical Tips for Creating a Harmonious Home” By Tess Whitehurst.
  • “Mrs. B’s Guide to HOUSEHOLD WITCHERY – Everyday Magic, Spells & Recipes” by Kris Bradley.
  • "A Year and a Day of Everyday Witchcraft - 366 Ways to Witchify Your Life" By Deborah Blake.
  • “CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER – with Feng Shui” By Karen Kingston,
These are just 7 books from my collection, I have a great many more and there’s many more I haven’t yet read / own.  – I’m working on it!!  But all of them give great inspiration and ideas of how to live a magickal life some more literal and aimed more at the Pagan / Witch community and some a little more aimed at open minded people who wouldn’t class themselves as Pagan, Witchy and/or even Spiritual.  (Feel free to leave comments below and/or on the Facebook group and/or message me with further book recommendations!)

I also want to take this time to mention some none magickal resources to truly improve your life.  The first being a book by David Allen which if you’ve been in the planner community for the last 2-3 years you’ll more than likely of heard of his book “Getting Things Done – How to Achieve Stress-free Productivity” By David Allen.  Another book would be “The Miracle Morning - The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM” By Hal Elrod (Creator of Level 10 Life).  Another book would be “Unf*ck Your Habitat – You’re Better Than Your Mess” By Rachel Hoffman which there’s also a phone app you can download to help you to achieve this!  Finally I wanted to take the time to mention a powerful way to declutter your life (I’m working on it all honestly) method known as the KonMari method Quote: “Developed by Marie Kondo, The KonMari Method™ is widely regarded as a new approach to decluttering based on Japanese values in order to surround yourself with items that spark joy.” – I have seen a lot of YouTubers tackle their craft / planner supplies with this method.  – Feel free to look into that at your own leisure.

Back to the living a magickal life.

In my last blog “Breaking the fear of practicing & writing your own workings.” I went into detail about a number of ways in which you can incorporate mundane daily life into your magickal practice from what you make and do.  Ie making a meal, making a drink, bathing etc.  In this blog I wanted to look a bit more at some of the ways in which you can live a more magickal life, even if you’re still in the broom closet.  In fact that's whom I'm dedicating this blog post to!!

Side note: As I have previously mentioned when saying spells, rituals, prayers, wishes, gratitude, grace, calling upon (deity, spirit, st, etc etc) this can be done silently in your head, whispered, spoken aloud softly, spoken aloud loudly and/or even shouted from the very mountain tops..  Yes you may feel silly but you'll get used to it.

A typical day can start with getting up and firstly thanking the Sun, Elements, Deity, Ancestors, Spirits or even the Moon etc..  for all that you have (Gratitude) and to greet them, show your appreciation.  It’s a good positive start to the day having that positive reflection or outlook rather than waking up feeling sorry for yourself that you have to go to work and pouring those energies into your morning coffee literally string in all those negative emotions and really setting the tone for the day ahead.

Speaking of that morning coffee, or if you’re anything like me then it’s tea, as mentioned previously that first cup of the day you can stir clockwise to bring good intentions or anticlockwise to push away bad ones.  Putting simplistic thoughts into making that drink that morning ritual of get up and before anything else stick the kettle on and poor a nice brew.  That alone is a simply magickal act which can be enhanced by putting a little more thought into it.  As you’re reaching for that clean fresh cup – think of symbolism “clean” and “fresh”.  I’m not saying you should grab the loose tea, best china cup and practice the art of Tasseography – well if the mood strikes and you have time, go for it!!  But just your simplistic making a cup of tea/coffee.  This could even be advanced by putting good will and intentions (thoughts) into the cup of your partner / parents / children / friends that you kindly (not begrudgingly) make for them in the morning too.

Following the morning cuppa heading to the bathroom to have a wash / bath / shower remember in my last blog how I mentioned that you can bless the water (with the power of your mind and hands) to cleanse yourself of negativity.  You could include essential oils or salts or even use soaps that were made with essential oils to bring to you certain things you wish for the day like lavender if you wish for a relaxing day or patchouli to bring wealth or even sex etc..

So that’s three magickal acts all before breakfast!!  Speaking of breakfast again this can be a magickal act of showing gratitude and honouring the earth.  While making / eating cereal or buttered toast think of the yearly cycle of crops growing and the harvest or of that cow that gave the milk and the process and journey of these simple every day taken for granted things.  I’m not saying do this exact thing every day but something similar..  It's just it’s an idea.  Equally let’s say you opt for a cooked breakfast which could include some herbs and/or spices which again have magickal properties.

Choosing your outfit, getting dressed, adorning your outfit with accessories.  I have spoken before about how none magickal jewellery (see my blog about amulets, talismans and charmed jewellery) can be charmed.  How jewellery that can be magickal like say a amethyst crystal is very bohemian and not unusual for jewellery these days; yet holds great magickal powers as an amulet.  Equally if you’re not able to wear jewellery or other accessories look at the colour of your clothing and what that represents (seem my blog about colour correspondences).  Also how does your outfit make you feel.  We all have that lucky pair of pants, that outfit that makes us feel a million dollars but secretly was thrifted.  – If you don’t then you’re shopping all wrong!  Or the magickal feeling of confidence can come from your hair cut / colour / style or even makeup, perfume – especially those homemade with essential oil perfumes.

Regardless of if you’re going out, staying in or a mixture of the two the day will present a number of opportunities.  From simply smiling and having a more upbeat positive attitude or persona to doing good deeds for others (remember what we said though doing a good deed for good to come back to you ie karma is actually bad..  You should do good because you want to do good end of).  This positivity will in turn manifest into good things for you and/or others - smiles are very contagious.  Help others.  Make time for yourself and make that time spent on doing something you love.

Daily routine of house work doesn’t have to be the burden or chore it might seem.  There’s many YouTubers out there like Clean My Space’ and ‘Clutterbug which make amazing video content on cleaning quick, easy and dare I say fun?  As well as storage and organisation!!  And I know both of these channels have DIY home cleaning products made from natural and safe products (I've tried and tested and I’m on this train!!) which can be fragranced with essential oils..  But essential oils have their own magickal properties remember – double kill..!!  Why not “make your home smell nice” when really you’re adding positive vibrations, removing bad energies, making a peaceful environment, creative energies and so on.  – Remember what I said though some essential oils (like herbs) are toxic to you and/or your pets so be mindful.  Cats also typically don’t like citrus scents.  Another book recommendation for you which has a lot of home remedies is "JUDGES HERBAL HOME REMEDIES - Natural Health, Beauty & Home-Care Secrets" By Jude C.Todd".

Speaking of making your home smell nice...  Essential oils can be used in oil burners and also put into candles!  Candles can be used for decoration it’s true but also for their scent.  Candles made with essential oils can carry those essential oil properties too.  So want to spice things up with the bedroom, relax things in the bathroom, create a more intensive feeling in the kitchen, create positive energies in the hallway/reception area etc..  then essential oil candles can be a great witchy / non-witchy way to achieve this.  Forget spending hours brewing up some tincture or spell to add to your lovers’ food simply make a candle.  Or incense which can double as potpourri.  – Note.  You can use white sage essential oil diluted with water to make a spray which you can use to smudge your home if you can’t burn sage.

The day can continue to unfold and may include taking trips to some of your favourite places such as the woods, the seaside or even a park where you might throw a penny in a well / fountain and make a wish – not an uncommon thing to do but for you; you just did magick!!  Plus kudos for the extra good points if it’s one of those where the money goes to a charity!  Also there might be birds at the park and so take time out to stop and feed the birds..

Speaking of feeding: brunch, lunch, dinner, tea, high tea, supper, pudding, snack, treat all of the food / drink consuming times can be treat equally to the way in which we looked at breakfast; thinking about the cycle, process, how blessed and lucky we are to have it or have access to it unlike some other countries etc..  Thinking about other less fortunate people.  Perhaps even then taking the time to donate food or money to the homeless or people in less fortunate countries and circumstances.  Sharing of your food with others (humans or animals) and this can be considered as offerings.  Those more so out of the closet can also give to The Fae and/or Deity without it seeming too peculiar to those who know you.

Again on an evening with bathing and preparing for bed which might include herbal tea, relaxing candles, bath bombs of essential oils, reading and expanding your mind and knowledge (doesn't have to be a Pagan/Witchy book just growing and developing as a person is magickal) etc.

Every and any act can be seen as a magickal one if you stop taking everything for granted, take off those grey tinted glasses and really open your eyes!!  I know for some it's a lot harder than others especially those, including myself, who live with illness and/or disability or hardship.

Meditation & Yoga are two forms of magical attunement that are rather popular in the world we live in today yet have Pagan/Witchy roots including grounding.

Music played aloud or to ourselves through headphones/earphones can include classical, percussion or other instrumental music (I myself am a fan of flute pan music!) or other musics that you have a connection with.  None lyric music can be used for meditation, yoga, while reading or sleeping, for background vibrations and mood..

Before bed thanking the sun or the moon etc..  Praying or being thankful for what you have is not unusual.  You don’t need to get down on your knees or clasp your hands together.  You can simply lie in bed and say the words in your head.

Your days can truly be made up of so much magick that you miss it.  Alternatively you can inject more magick to your home.  I previously mentioned in the Protection, Banish and Repel blog about the concept of creating witches balls to protect your home other things you could do is hang a horseshoe above your entryway to bring luck and protection.  Or look for other ways you can adorn your mundane house with mundane items that have symbolism and/or magickal properties even if only you know.

I know of a number of in the closet witches who have altars set up on small shelves which to everyone else is just a collection of candles, a collection of items they like, a collection of trinkets and/or ornaments like YouTuber DragonFeather369 said to her parents that her Draconic Altar is her “Dragon Collection”. So you don’t have to be all out with big elaborate displays of altar like setups.  You don’t need to hang up a big sign that says “WITCH”.  You can create a lot of subtle things through pieces in your home.

Crystals and stones are highly popular home décor pieces these days.  Which you can use for their magickal properties and uses as well as decoration.  - Just because Great Aunt Sally thinks it’s a pretty overpriced rock you got on holiday doesn't mean that's what it actually is.

Witchy books can be kept in drawers under your bed, in a cupboard shut away, disguised with other boring covers on a shelf or as most modern people do purchased upon a kindle or some other electronic reading device.  Alternatives would be to go to a library and read books they have there or borrow them from friends who know.

Keeping a book of shadows doesn’t have to be this big statement tomb of a book that is on a big display stand, granted perhaps locked away in your charmed attic room.  It can be a plain binder on a shelf, a simple notebook in your bag, a diary in your nightstand or even a word document you keep on your PC.

Speaking of your nightstand and other wooden furniture..  Real wood comes from trees (Honestly!) and trees have magickal properties too thus the wood does thus the furniture does or wooden sculptures, wooden picture frames, wood used for shelving such as that which your secret altar is on.  Choosing wood or just having some wooden pieces can hold great magickal properties and/or represent earth element in your home.  Another mundane item which can add magickal qualities to your food is wooden spoons, wooden spatulas, wooden chopping boards etc.  As they have the wood properties of nature and earth which you’re using with your food; which is also earth based.

Elements in your home can sometimes be missed especially if you live in a concrete jungle.  Candles, real fires / fireplaces, gas stove can all be symbols and used as fire element for magickal workings.  Spells, sigils, wishes etc can all be wrote on paper and then burnt in a fire.  Water is pretty obvious but again things can be flushed down the toilet and taken away from your life.  Earth as mentioned we have wood in your home, plants and food.  Air well we breath air, but you could incorporate real feather pillows, fans, air conditioning, incense etc..

Remember any broom (or sweeping brush) can be used as a witches broom.  The magick comes from the act not the appearance of a traditional broom or besom as it’s usually referred to.  Magickal brooms / besoms are used more for the sweeping away of negative energies than literally sweeping.  There’s nothing stopping you from having a yard brush, a house hold sweeping brush and also a brush for magickal purposes that looks rather similar to the other two – just try not to get upset when someone picks up your besom and uses it for a mundane task.  It’s like my friend who stayed over and used my cauldron as a bedside table..  There are no words for that feeling!!

Other ideas may be to create sachets (which look like those fragranced little pillows you put in your clothes drawers or wardrobes) which are for say house blessings, protection, positive energies etc and hang them on door handles, in windows, on chairs.  They could also be made in the shape of a five pointed star which can represent the pentagram which as we should know by now represents the elements.  Or other shapes which have correspondences to elements or embroidered with zodiac symbols; as again all very common things in a mundane house that can be used in a witchy home.  Equally they can make great gifts and now what your friend things is a wonderful scented pillow for in her clothes draw is actually secretly a protection spell for that person.

Zodiac and symbolism in your home can be achieved in a number of ways.  Today it's very popular to have jewellery and homewares with Zodiac symbols on them.  Other symbols like hearts, stars, eyes, ying yangs, skulls, flowers, animals etc can be used and purchased in shops that cater for jewellery/homeware but used for their symbolism.  [See my Zodiac blog post for more information.  See my symbolism blog post for more information.]

Dreamcatchers are a very witchy item, especially if you like / know their history.  I particularly enjoy the spider lady story of her wanting to protect her children.  Dream catchers are used a lot these days as home décor pieces and graphics on items such as clothing, accessories and other textiles such as bedding and scatter cushions.

It’s not unheard of to have bells above the main entrance way to home so when people enter it rings to signify someone entered your home.  Another use for bells can be to scare away spirits or cleanse vibrations.  Wind chimes can also be used for similar uses by widows or outside.

Seasonal Holidays are great times for getting your witch on secretly with outward displays of Paganism and Witchery.  Such as Ostara is around Easter time so it wouldn’t be unusual for you to decorate your home with dyed eggs, bunnies, symbolism of springtime.  Halloween / Samhain is a time in which you could put up your vintage ancestor photos to pay respects to them while others think their some creepy Victorian images you’re using as Halloween décor.  Similar goes for most Halloween décor and attire that is ghost and/or witchy themed.  Yule is just before Christmas and again like most other holidays the Christians stole the ‘Christmas’ Tree, Yule Log, ‘Christmas’ Wreath.  These are but three examples.  There’s other holidays see my blog on Sabbats & Wheel of the Year.

Having a familiar (see my blog on what a familiar is) which to anyone else would seem like you just have a regular pet (I have 2 cats one is a pet and the other is a familiar). 

Speaking of cats they're great symbols of Gods and/or Guardians throughout history.  Images, statues or other cat resembling pieces can be considered as a symbolism including the Egyptian Cat God Bastet.  Cats also have great symbolism of protection, psychic energies and are said to be able to walk through other realms - which is what makes them very common as witches familiars.  Because of this statues of cats near doors and/or mirrors can act as protectors from anything trying to cross into this realm.  To anyone else.. you like cats!

House plants are a great way to bring outside in with element of earth properties.  But they also each have their own properties.  These plants can be anything from flowers to succulents to herbs.  But be aware if you have pets as some plants are harmful to them and others will be considered a food source.  (My cats truly will eat any plants I get!)

So that's inside the home well what about out of it?  Gardens are the magickal protective barrier around your home.  They can be anything from a beautiful moon garden, to a tribute garden especially ones dedicated to lost loved ones, herb garden etc.  Many flowers, herbs and other flora have connections with Gods, Goddesses and a whole list of other Witchy/Pagan correspondences.  Gardens are homes to The Fae and these days "Fairy Gardens" are extremely popular.  Creating a magickal garden is so easy plus in can incorporate all the elements when you add a water fountain or bird bath and a fire pit or outdoor candles.

Speaking of garden and garden decor Gnomes are considered to be Earth Spirits alongside other traits.  So having Gnome ornaments in your garden can be the same as Cats and give your garden and home added protection.

So far a lot of what I’ve mentioned is suited more to those of us who are in the boom closet or out but practicing in silence.   Well there’s a lot more information in the book recommendations I provided and more.

I hope this has given you some food for thought.


  • Read books.
  • Read other peoples opinions.
  • Practice / put into action.

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