Saturday, 29 October 2016

Exploring Strange Thoughts - A Single Lonely Bench..

 A Single Lonely Bench..
(A lingering thought.) 

Willow Bench in Stanley Park Blackpool photograph by me on 28th October 2016 
© Imogen Cane - missimoinsane 2016

As I wandered through the ever changing leaves and onwards down the commonly trodden woodland trail, round past the flowing waters all the while being surrounded by the sounds of both nature and man.  Passing by a multitude of squirrels, birds and other wonderful creatures of which most had probably remained unseen, though some I stood a while and watched in awe..  Some I even captured down the lense of my new phones camera.  But all the while being mindful and careful as not to scare or disturb and of course minded as I crossed the troll bridge to the other side unscathed and same goes for around the fairy toadstools which adorned my path.

Until my journey brought me to a most spiritual and blissfully magical place.  Which felt somewhat more than just a single lonely bench sheltered by a beautiful Willow.  The bench conjured up such desperate feelings of emotional longing, loneliness, emptiness and sadness as though an energy sits upon the weathered and moss covered seat in silence longing for company, watching for what's next to come, waiting for perhaps what might never be.  It brought about a feeling of both isolation and hope, for what had past and gone but optimism for what could yet still be.  I stood a while gazing at the mystical scene before me..  Lingering for a while before "SNAP" my thumb hit the camera button once more capturing a memory, a moment, perhaps even an idea.  

- Echoes of loneliness a fear of being alone.

Perhaps some day, when I feel more complete, I will return to this spot once more and embrace what waits before me upon the bench surrounded by the charm and protection of the trees tears.  

Imogen x
 - Exploring what's in my head.


Wish to see more beauty of this stunning place..  I made a video...

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