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BoS Prompts 15: Magickal Jewellery (Amulets, Talismans & Charms)

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Prompt 15. Sunday 4th March 2018 - The 15th prompt will be...  Magickal Jewellery (
Amulets, Talismans & Charms).

Another one completely open to your own interpretation and beliefs.  It is important to note this is my take and my understanding..  A lot of people have different views and similar views and the same views in fact.  I personally make jewellery and have been doing so using semi-precious stones and jewellery charms/findings to create various magickal and none magickal jewellery: Amulets, Talismans, Charmed Jewellery and other items over the years.  A book I like a lot which contains some information on this subject is a book called Goth Magick: An Enchanted Grimoire by Brenda Knight.

Today’s post I thought I would touch base on some magickal jewellery which can be worn by itself for its magickal purpose, used only during workings such as prayer, ritual, certain ceremonies, divination and other practices.  Made or bought for a specific magickal task etc..  

To start I think it would be best for me to describe these types of these Jewellery/Ornamental like pieces and give you my understanding of what they are and their uses; dating back throughout time itself!!

Amulets – An Amulet is typically a small piece of jewellery or an ornamental item that is used most commonly as protection against evil, danger, disease and other harm and negative energies, entities, beings and such forth (but not always).  Most typically Amulets were worn on a chain around the neck, other forms of jewellery or carried in a pocket; but always kept on the person seeking the Amulets properties (such as protection).   An Amulet is an item that already has all the properties in it as the Amulet itself carries certain properties meaning there's no requirement for it to be made or changed; other than perhaps for it to be sculpted, carved, mounted, set or turned into a wearable piece of jewellery or ornamental item type Amulet.   Amulets for this reason are more commonly made of precious or semi-precious stones as they each already have properties such as protection, grounding, healing and such forth.  Other items which already have qualities such as four leaf clover, pennies, rabbits foot, iron nails.  Sometimes people carry raw pieces of precious or semi-precious stone or even metal which are used as Amulets.  - Anything that is used because of its properties that it already has and doesn’t need to be created or changed for it to work.  

Talismans – A Talisman is very similar to an Amulet in size, shape and use as it’s worn or carried on the person.  Except a Talisman it is a made item, in fact it is my understanding that the word ‘Talisman’ translates as 'to create' or 'to change' so if you make something like a poppet for a purpose or to create something for magickal use from something which doesn't necessarily have magickal properties, or you change somethings value to use it for an alternative purpose, put multiple items together to create something personal or new.  Talismans can also be created of a symbol like a Sigils, Symbols or even using Runes or combined runes (click here for the blog), personal associations that is personal for you which you could then engrave or use somehow to again create a jewellery piece or ornamental item you wear or carry with you.  Talismans are used to bring about a change or to create something.  Such as for use in changing your luck.   Whereas an Amulet is used for the properties it already has for a purpose.  A Talisman is used to create or bring a change and is often created magickally and personally, it's also important to make a connection with you and that item so Talismans are usually a lot more personally created; like a lucky pair of pants making this only really lucky for you unlike an Amulet which properties would work for everyone. - Of course Amulets can be made into Talismans but not the other way round.

There’s somewhat of a fine line between the definition of Amulets and Talismans..  Some people believe things like pennies, horseshoes, iron nails, lucky rabbits foot are man made items making them Talismans and not Amulets which are natural items which come with their own standard properties whereas others believe that these items are made from materials found in nature making them Amulets.   Some people believe that if an item is for protection it’s an Amulet and if it’s for luck or anything else it’s a Talisman.  Some people believe if an item is created for anyone to use it’s an Amulet and if it’s made specifically for someone (yourself or a specific someone else) then it’s a Talisman.  Some people cross over the two, mix the two up and indeed don’t really know the difference at all.  But I say as long as it works for YOU and YOUR INTENTIONS that’s all that matters.. Right?

Charms – For me I believe Charms to be a number of things, from Charming someone..  a Charmed spell..  a Charmed item such as a mirror..  A temporary or long term charmed item..  and a few others but in this instance we are talking about Jewellery Charms.  Charmed Jewellery I believe is when you take any piece of Jewellery and you change its properties; much like creating a Talisman and/or changing an Amulet into a Talisman.  I believe this is also known as "imprinting intention".  It is simply done by taking any piece of jewellery (Amulet, Talisman or simply mundane and ordinary Jewellery) and basically following the steps of Cleanse, Consecrate and Charge (the three C's blog I spoke about at the beginning of these blog posts). - In doing this you're removing any magickal properties, energies and such forth..  You're then replacing them with your desire (you’re imprinting your intention) giving it its purpose and then finally you’re enforcing its purpose so it will serve your wishes - there's usually a bigger magickal working and ceremony.  - Feel free to also look into Enchanted items and jewellery.

Other Magickal Jewellery – There are more oh yes such as trinkets, cursed, enchanted, totem jewellery and more..  But I wanted you to do some work for yourselves!!  But now you know a little more about what Amulets, Charms and Talismans are (or at least my take) plus briefly a bit on their uses, I hope.  I was also hoping this week to do a tutorial on how to make something..  BUT sadly illness got the better of me, especially with the cold weather.  But I’m hoping to make something at some point and post it in the Facebook group.. inc a giveaway if this is something people are interested in then please comment under this post on the Fb group thanks.!!  So to be eligible to win all you have to do is subscribe to the Facebook group and look out for that post coming SOON!  Plus feel free to share your magickal jewellery with us there.

Now before I go I just wanted to give you an unusual insight to a very common bonding piece of jewellery (especially if you were born anywhere after the late 80’s in UK or America, but I’m sure they existed before and in other countries too).  It is a very powerful and magickal jewellery tool that we don’t even think of as Magickal at all and that is what’s known as the ever so common ‘Friendship Bracelet’ - usually these bracelets are woven and knotted using various types of coloured thread and sometimes beads and charms.  They're made with the desired intention to gift it to someone you hope will then always be your friend, while making it you would be thinking about the friend you're gifting it too thus putting your intentions into it.  And they may in turn make you one back creating an even stronger bond.  These days you can also buy best friend jewellery pieces such as half of a heart that says “BE FRI” and the other half that says “ST END” signifying that when the two of you come together you’re whole, stronger, complete, powerful..   Wearing it and being seen with it can enforce and create an even stronger friendship.  Other people seeing these jewellery pieces consciously or subconsciously knowing the symbolism and that too increases the 'power'. The making and/or giving of such jewellery unknowingly to most creates a magickal bond that is special between those friends. Not wearing it or removing it especially in a negative way could be seen as terminating that strong bond of friendship forever especially if one or both (all) are destroyed.  Friendship bracelets are an example of Talismans something made from non magickal items (such as yarn, string, wool – which I dare say do have some properties especially the more natural products but being used to create a symbolic friendship bond) to create an item that signifies a friendship, a bond, a coming together..  some even signify a group, following, bond.  - You can also take this and think of the wedding ring and its power.


  • Research about origins and historical uses of Amulets, Talismans and other Magickal Jewellery items.  
  • Research about uses of such magickal jewellery.
  • (Optional) Create / Buy a magickal jewellery piece. 
  • (Optional) Journal about your magickal jewellery pieces.

Book Activity..

  • (Optional) Copy down any information from above you think you will find useful.

Interact with me Activity..

  • (Optional)  Share your magickal jewellery in the facebook group and/or with me
  • (Optional) on the Fb Page feel free to add any information you deem worthy..  

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