Sunday, 23 July 2017

* WW: Sea Glass - Properties & Uses (IMO)

"What are the magickal properties and uses of Sea Glass?"

So thought I would post this 'In My Opinion' response out there..  These are some of the uses I've used sea glass for and/or seen others use it for - I'm sure there are loads of other uses (feel free to comment with your uses and/or sea glass finds I truly would love to see them!!)

So first off let me say that I just love to find it..  And go beach combing!!  I live in Blackpool England which is surrounded by beaches but I've only ever found sea glass at Fleetwood (on a good day maybe 10 pieces?) - I found a sea glass marble which I have displayed on my altar..  I have some tiny pieces which are on my altar in bottles but mostly I collect it to use in jewellery making..!

That said..  I've seen people use them for / I've used them for a whole number of things.. Here's some examples:

*To use for water / sea properties - as real sea glass, which has been smoothed fully, has had a long sea life and ultimately a long exposure to the salty sea water!..

*Sea witches of course find them useful.  Or water witches.

*Ones found with holes in have similar properties to Hag stones or wishing stones especially with a sea or water element properties.

*They can be used as water representation on an altar or in the home.

*Mermaid representation or offerings.

*They can represent fire and water because of the fired glass properties too..

*Other ideas are to engraved with runes or other symbols to create a set of runes, as talismans, charms etc..  Also used in jewellery or to make pendulums for dowsing and other divination.

*The Goddess / The moon has a direct connection to water and the Earth's water so of course sea glass can also be used as offerings or workings or representations.

*As mentioned because of their sea life in salt water they have cleansing, healing, purifying, protection etc properties for use in ritual, spells and other magickal uses.

*Very handy for closet witches as most mundanes would happily have pretty coloured glass pebbles on display, in a vase, in a bathroom, used in artwork, around candles and for other home decor..

*Some people use them for luck especially rarer colours..  Sea glass for most is quite difficult to find and quite expensive to buy online it seems.

Anyways this is just some ideas.  You could also Google "sea glass Magickal properties" and see what others suggest!!  As said I'd love your comments below!!

🖤 Imogen xo

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  1. hi Imogen, cool post! i always used to love sea glass and now i know why! going to see if i can find my pieces and incorporate them in 'things'... thankxx, Elin from the Netherlands