Friday, 7 October 2016

- Writing for the sake of writing. Awkward.

(Introduction & Rambling Tangents.)
Photo of DIY hybrid quill made by me, photographed by me on 6th October 2016
© Imogen Cane - missimoinsane 2016

Merry meet!

Due to recent events, and a blog I heavily indulged myself with, I have been inspired to start writing..  Perhaps writing for the sake of writing..  Although I apologies now for my terrible writing and rambling tangents.  So where am I going with this?  I guess even I'm unsure, which is suppose doesn't give you much confidence!! But I am sure it will be eventful and creative, even if slightly neglected and hypes of over posting at times..  Though I guess only time will tell..  Like a blank canvas lets see what happens this time!

In most ways I'm in a creative block.  Too many ideas, too many creative thoughts, expressions, passions, adventures and too many creative outlets, mediums, tools, supplies, media's..   Just too many!  Or just an abundance of excuses I concocted to make myself feel better regarding wasting my valuable time?  Regardless most of the time I feel like a solitary magpie just flitting from one shiny thing to the next with soul but no purpose, free with no destination but also lost in the chaos. - Which I guess in most ways is more so fitting since it's ironic and true for me as birds, including magpies, actually don't like foreign objects; shiny or otherwise!!  So in that respect maybe I am more so like a magpie with my overwhelming disinterest, fears, anxieties and feeling burdened by not knowing.. The overload in my head that for the most part I struggle to obtain results.  Guilt of hording.  Addiction of having.  And an ever growing dehydration and craving to want more of/from everything..   Old habits die hard.  But not necessarily is all of this negative or bad it's perspective.  - feeling optimistic! 

What am I on about?  Lost?  Yes?  Good!  - Don't worry I'm not off my meds.

Anyways..  I tangent..  So speaking of purpose I feel somewhere along the lines I have wandered far from my path, perhaps even got lost! (I'm assuming by now that you are too, that's assuming you're even still here!)   Nevertheless looking at the bigger picture it doesn't seem like such a bad thing..?!  Opening doors to new exciting adventures, and finding beauty especially off the designated path.   We should probably mention the whole Witch / Pagan / Eclectic Wiccan thing if you didn't already get that - or you'll most likely be baffled (yes more so than you already are, or at least will be) otherwise.  So I guess this is another chapter in my journey and I'm excited for it and I think it's time to meet new people along the way. 

So I suppose all that's left to say is welcome to my head! 

~ Writing for the sake of writing.  Awkward.  

Imogen x

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