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BoS Prompts 9: Herbs, Oils and Stones etc.

Prompt 9. Sunday 21st January 2018 - The 9th prompt will be...  Herbs, Oils and Stones etc.

I apologise for my little outbreak last week, I am going through a bad time with my depression / mental health and disabilities / illnesses and I know that's absolutely no excuse. But I just very much feel like the people who said they would love me to do this haven't seemed to have done any of the activities and most I'm unsure if they even bother to read since they don't comment I might get a thumbs up at best.  So I felt very down.  I know I'm sharing this in other groups and other places and the support after my little outbreak last week was mostly positive - with the exclusion of the two groups I walked out on as apparently they're happy for me to share my knowledge but not happy for me to share my emotions when I'm upset.  Anyway, this was not aimed at anyone specifically I just needed a little reassurance I'm not just wasting my time here.  So thank you all for the support. - Imogen xo

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Todays blog post will be a 3 in 1, probably more than 3 actually..  but I’m lumping these together in this section simply because this isn’t something I’m including in my BoS - but I know a lot of you might/are..  So I thought I’d cover this section purely for you guys.  Which is probably going to be long and repetitive. 

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So first of all let me mention why I’m not including this in my book.  – I may at some point I will make a seperate book especially for this stuff!!  But including this in this book would cause me somewhat distress that I took up so much book with this and/or not able to go back and add to this section due to lack of space and perhaps if I had a binder and not a bound book that would be different..?  Also basically I feel that I have a working book I keep recipes I work on in and also evernote.  But mostly this information can be found in the published books I own.  I own the crystal bibles and herb dictionaries and even essential oil books and such..  Various Grimoire, Book of Shadows and Journals.  But my go to resource for this stuff more often than not is the internet.  That’s assuming I don’t already know the properties and uses – which after a while you pick up on!!  I have my go to’s and I don’t really stray to others…  I have herbs that cover all my needs and I know their properties and uses.   I have them in dried herb form, real essential oil form, some are in tinctures or incense blends but I know their uses..  So I’m thinking of creating another book for recipes.  But you might want to include these things in your book or another book or be a complete beginner and not know what these things even are..  So let me explain!!


Stones, gems, crystals, semi precious stones and precious stones etc – also can include metals in this section too if you like like Gold, Silver, Copper..  These are often natural (some are manmade) elements found in the earth or made from the earth for example quartz is a kind of rock that forms in various parts of the world and there's various types of quartz too.

Stones have properties and values, you can take a stone based on it’s colour (more on colours in my next blog entry), or its physical properties, it’s magickal properties and such forth.  Now a few things again it’s down to your own beliefs..  Also some stones people say have healing or powers which some of us take prescription medications for but stones, like all other things here, are not a substitute to actual medication and/or professional help. 

Stones are said to hold qualities and properties such as Amethyst has healing qualities it is said to be healing on all levels - body, mind and spirit. Amethyst raises vibrational frequency and protects against negative energies.  But what does that mean?  Well it means what you believe it to mean, if you feel as though having chunks of this stone around your home, neck or in your pocket helps with you healing process then brilliant.  If you feel like it’s a very pretty purple stone but that's it then brilliant.  If you feel this stone doesn’t have any kind of magickal properties it’s just a chunk of rock someone dug up but you get lost in peace and tranquility every time you look at it and find it to be calming and inspiring then brilliant.  Each to their own interpretation.  But this can then be used in magickal or none magickal workings for whatever properties you deem that stone to have..

Some popular uses for stones (and metals) are used in jewellery for either their properties or colour even colour properties (such as a green jade is a stone that, as far as I know, doesn't have money properties but green is a money colour so could be used in money workings).  Some are used in mojo bags, in making of oils, in workings, even added to candles, bath bombs, charms and much more..


Herbs are plants, mostly grown and gathered in the wild but some are farm grown and others home grown both in and outdoors.  They can be purchased in a variety of places and in a variety of ways this includes seed, plant, clippings for planting, fresh cut, cuttings, dried cuttings, chopped and ready for food, cut and ready for teas etc..

Some herbs are used in cooking or making/preparing of food and drink, others are used as decorations and some are used in makeup, medicine, perfume and a whole list of other fragranced products.  But again like stones should not be used as a substitute for medicinal use in fact you should check with your doctor and do your research.  They hold many properties literally and magickally as well as flavour.  Note: some herbs are poisonous and should not come in contact with skin, be ingested through eating, sniffing etc.  Some are poisonous to animals while they might be fine to us.  So really make sure you know about a herb before handling it!!  A lot of these starter or taster magickal herb kits include several I dispose of safely so as not to harm me or my cats.  So definitely check that out.

As mentioned much like the stones herbs have properties again down to your own interpretation of each but again some have set qualities.  For example lavender is said to be all round healing, calming and is often included in microwavable wheat bags as a calming, soothing, relaxing, aromatherapy all round good herb.  BUT not for everyone, lavender in wheat bags gives me headaches and makes me feel ill.. There’s nothing calming, soothing or relaxing about nausea or headaches..!  That said in massage oil / essential oil, raw herb, loose incense, most lavender scented candles or incense I’m fine but not air sprays, room sprays or cleaning product scents like dish soap, polish, floor cleaner etc. – that said I mostly make my own cleaning products but that’s for another blog!!


Oils very much work on the same bases as herbs,  Essential oils or pure oils is what you're looking for as they're herbs made into a high concentrated oil. Though while I wouldn't recommend putting them in your food they can be used in oils, dressings, tinctures, incense, fragrances and more.

They can be purchased in real pure essential oil form (100%) or different variations of pure-ness.  Which needs diluting down usually with something called a ‘carrier oil’ before use.  Coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, almond oil, rapeseed oil are but a few..

Oils can also be bought in massage oil form, these are essential oils that have already been diluted.  Though most of these are synthetic fragrances and not real extract.

Oils can come in scented oils for oil burners, but often these are just fragrance oil and therefore hold no magickal properties as they’re synthetic oils as well.


What exactly are tinctures?
Typically tinctures are usually made for medicinal purposes.  They're then consumed (usually a small amount is placed under the tongue).  Tinctures are often made from liquid extractions of herbs in alcohol, but they can also be extracted in some carrier oils such as vegetable glycerine or in apple cider vinegar (these are non-alcohol tinctures).   Tinctures are easy to use and make.  They’re even safe for children as only a small amount need to be consumed.  As mentioned because they are taken directly under the tongue, they enter the bloodstream much more directly than by any other means. This means that the body has a quicker reaction.  That said some may require continual use for several weeks before any real effect takes place like other medications.  - If you wish to know more about tinctures like how to make I do advise you look into this further.


Like Tinctures herbal teas can be made, or bought, for medicinal or health benefits such as relaxation, revitalisation, sleep, energy and so on.  They can also be made for things like nausea, stomach pain, constipation and more.


Incense typically comes in three forms: Cone, Loose or Stick.  Most cone and stick incense unless it was home made is often more synthetic smell and doesn't hold the properties and values of real herbs, real oils etc.  Most loose incense is home made and made directly using herbs and sometimes essential oils are also added.

These can be store bought or homemade.  I really recommend having a go at making your own loose incense.  This can be burnt on a disc (such as charcoal or coconut) and burnt in a fire safe container such as a sand filled cauldron, pan, specifically designed ceramic or metal burner.  I put cork coasters under for additional protection.  Note: the container will get hot and sand / salt / dirt should be used between the container and the disc.  - Always exercise fire safety and you can never be too cautious, too safe or too careful.


These are just a few examples.  But there's some more information I wish to pawn off on you before you go..!!

First if anything says "part" such as a recipe requires 1 part lavendar to 2 parts rosemary to 1.5 part rose and 3 parts sage.  What 'part' means is 'measured amount' so be it teaspoon, tablespoon, or any other measurement.  Eg tablespoon.  1tbsp lavender, 2tbsp rosemary, 1 and a half tbsp rose and 3tbsp sage.  - A lot of people don't know what "part" means it literally stands in place of a value measurement because if you're making a one time spell amount you might want to use a teaspoon but if you were making a big batch for doing 10 candles you might want considerably more but have the same same recipe.  - I hope that makes sense!

Making potions, spells, ointments, salves and other similar stuff I haven't covered here is also so much fun.  Take a premade recipe off of the internet, a book, your mystical Aunt Sally (with permission) and make your own, or adapt it and make it your own.  We all saw Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince (right?) "crush not cut" well that but "dragons blood not sage" don't be scared of messing up.  Don't disbelieve - belief is part of the active ingredient to all magickal workings.  Make your own.  

How to write your own recipes for eg spell work?

Easy!  Consider what you wish to achieve.  And how?  Next week I'll be looking more at candles (I have an old blog on candles) and also colour correspondences.  But consider what herbs have those properties - can you add them to a candle, loose incense, a mojo bag/sachette, what stones have the properties you're looking for?  A mixture and make it as complicated or as simple.  You could make candles, incense, write a prayer, make a bag or a box or do all of those things and it's really let your creativity run wild.  or sometimes it's a simple as a relax and concentration oil spell.  3 drops of each of the following 100%  pure essential oil; rosemary, lavender and patchouli in an oil burner with some water.. done.


  • Research and practice making a simple loose incense using your own written recipe.
  • Research and practice making a simple sachette you put under your pillow containing at least 3 stones, a herb and 1 other item of your choice (poppet, feather, charm, written upon paper etc..) don't forget to write your recipe (perhaps even journal about the results).
  • Research and practice making a simple anointing oil, this can include stones as well as herbs, oils and anything else you wish to infuse into a carrier oil.
  • Research the above and decide what you may wish to include in your book.  Those three recipes you just researched and practice may be 3 of your own workings you might want to include if you felt they worked as intended.
  • Perhaps try amending what you've previously created here to improve it or use it in other ways.  A loose incense may also work great imbued into candles. 

Book Activity..

  • (Optional) write down the properties of your most used herbs, stones, oils etc.  It would take you a very long and pointless time writing down every oil, herb and stone.  But perhaps write down the most common or your more frequently used ones.
  • (Optional) create a space you can write recipes, add recipes, and such forth.
  • (Optional) write notes such as what 'parts' mean in a recipe, what measurements are and their meanings, maybe create a signature incense and just write that.  Perhaps write notes on what herbs are "Herbs are plants grown....." what stones are "Crystals come from..." how tinctures are made... etc etc..
  • (Optional) Any part of this blog post you thought might embellish your book and help your practice or that triggered your own thoughts and ideas for what to include.

Interact with me Activity

  • Comment on this blog, facebook post, twitter, patreon etc and tell me / us how you went about adding this section / these sections to your books..  Your thoughts and any other relevant helpful information xo

As said before for me, and I know for a few others like Rhomany, this sort of thing would take up too much space in a BoS and be difficult to add too so perhaps a separate book especially dedicated to just herbs, just oils, just stones, just recipes etc.  And for others that's the point of their BoS is to have those recipes and references.


Thank you all for the support.  For anyone wishing to share, ask for help, talk about BoS / their book and relevant content (or for more information, ideas and unmissable blog posts go to new Fb group  Also as previously mentioned you can go on the website version of this blog over on the left there’s a ‘subscribe by email’ so you don’t miss a single post from me.  If you’re on the mobile version scroll right down to the bottom and click ‘view as website’ and that should take you to the website version where you can expand, navigate to the left and subscribe by email :)  I will continue to share this on my Patreon *for free* and also on my Twitter and in various facebook groups..  & Facebook Page

Imogen x

Next weeks prompts No.10 - Colours & Candles.

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